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    America's Special Operations Units set the standard for accomplishing objectives and creating a culture of high-performance teamwork. Your team will work with Special Operations veterans who've transitioned to leadership roles across multiple industry sectors. We will customize your program based on one of our innovative formats or develop an experiential off-site completely tailored to your team, your venue, and your specific objectives.

    Immersion experiences are modeled after US Military training programs, such as the US Army's Ranger School. High and low-intensity formats include Hostage Rescue Simulations, Escape & Evasion Exercises, Ranger School Leadership Reaction Courses, Urban Disaster Exercises and Austere Environment Training.  Programs are most often customized to include facilitated modules addressing a client's specific business challenges.


    Hostage Rescue Simulation

    After a morning of modular squad training, one of the team goes missing! The organization must draw upon skills learned in the modules below to set things right.

    • Threat Identification and Response
    • Small Team Tactics/IMT/CQB/
    • Self Defense
    • Hostile Environment Emergency Care
    • Hostage Rescue Strategy
    • AAR & Business Parallel Assessment

    Escape & Evasion Exercise

    E & E is modeled on the People's Republic of Pineland, a fictitious country located in North Carolina, USA where U.S. Army Special Forces trainees are tested in their ability to work with guerrillas in an unconventional warfare environment and get their team exfiltrated safely. E &E can be lower intensity if designed without a direct combat scenario.


    Leadership Reaction Courses

    GEL creates lower intensity programs tailored to your team's needs and physicality utilizing challenge stations organized into thematic Leadership Reaction Courses.  Challenge station programs are fantastic if you have limited time. Our Cadre will set up a series of challenges staffed by Rangers and other Special Operations Veterans modeled on those used at US Military training facilities.  Reaction Course Simulations may include:

    • Austere Environment Training
    • Sensitive Site Incursion
    • Ranger School Obstacle Course
    • Active Campus Shooter
    • Urban Disaster Recovery

    Recommended Multi-Day Schedule

    Multi-day programs allow your organization to process a bespoke organizational challenge or objective.
    • Day 1 - Special Ops Training and Simulation*
    • Day 2 - *Simulation or Working Sessions
      • Simulation Debrief
      • Keynote Speaker
      • Business Opportunity Assessment
      • Break-out Working Groups (MDMP's)
    • Day 3 Working Sessions
      • Large Team Solution Review
      • Consolidated MDMP
      • Dissemination Plan
      • Implementation Plan
      • Control Measures
      • After Action Review Schedule


    $800 - $4,000

    *Depending on design, venue, facilitaties required and travel expenses


    Leadership Tools Proven Successful Across the Globe:

    • Strategic Success Principles
    • Mission Planning
    • Centralized and Decentralized Leadership
    • Business Environment Awareness
    • Decision-making Loops
    • Normal, Priority and Emergency Communications
    • After Action Review (AAR)

    Skills are 100% customized to your off-site objectives.


    What Future Leaders Say:

    "It’s very clear that GEL made a conscious choice to design an experience about and around us. You listened and truly heard what we needed. Great Job!" – J. E., Renewal Colorado

    “It was a great opportunity to work on communication and trust fellow team members. This is a fun team building opportunity!” -  R. Suraci, Renewal Colorado

    “All the rangers were great a delivering a great experience along with showing through discussion how each task relates to our business. They gave great advice on how we did and direction to improve.” J. Holzmeister, Renewal Colorado