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Hostage Rescue Simulation

Promote team bonding while working together to complete a hostage rescue simulation.

A hostage rescue simulation is a great way to bring your team together in pursuit of a common goal while increasing the intensity by taking them through special operations training techniques. Teams will participate in sessions led by military veterans, taking them out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to think creatively and work together. The day’s activities will build on one another as the skills learned in the morning sessions will be essential to completing the afternoon simulation.

Throughout the day, your team will be encouraged to connect the activities to their work and individual leadership styles. Participants will learn from their peers and the GEL team, ending the exercise with insights and takeaways easily applied to a business setting. This exercise is ideal for encouraging bonding with a new team and establishing or maintaining esprit de corps for an existing team.

Key Learnings and Example Hostage Rescue Simulation Agenda

Key learning opportunities for your team

  • Problem-solving
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking and communication
  • Leadership and management

"The Special Operations Hostage Rescue simulation was high intensity, high impact, and high in leadership insights. I know our leaders will be better because of it."

– Leigh Dolby
Director, Enterprise Leadership Development, CVS

Example agenda

Hostage Rescue Simulation

GEL recommends that all programs include a brief activity, held the night before the full program, to encourage participants to adopt a transformational mindset and ensure they are excited and prepared for the day ahead.

09:00  Kick-Off and Introductions
09:30  Training Session
12:30  Lunch
13:00  Hostage Rescue Simulation
15:30  Debrief and Reflection

Your day begins with a KICK-OFF to set the stage for your predetermined objectives and goals. The GEL team will introduce themselves and discuss the culture of various special operations taskforces, highlighting the similarities with the skills most valued in your company’s team.

The TRAINING SESSION provides your team with the tools they need to successfully complete the simulation later in the day. Participants will learn directly from special operations veterans and rangers, gaining real-world skills while building leadership capabilities and evaluative and planning expertise.

The HOSTAGE RESCUE SIMULATION will require participants to focus on the military techniques learned in the morning training in addition to communication, planning, and environmental awareness. The simulation will connect to your goals for the day, allowing your team to complete a special operations exercise while also building on the capabilities that will best serve them upon returning to the office.

Following the simulation, your team will come together for a DEBRIEF where participants will be encouraged to reflect on personal insights gained through the exercise as well as any observations about teamwork and collaboration.

Photos from Hostage Rescue Experiences

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