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Leadership Reaction Courses

Build communication and leadership skills through a variety of interactive challenges.

Leadership reaction courses are a series of challenge stations modeled on those used by Army Rangers and Navy SEALs. They provide an exciting, interactive way for your team to step out of their comfort zones and collaborate to complete a series of activities. Each leadership reaction course includes a customized business problem station that challenges your team to use a military approach to brainstorming and develop a plan and communication strategy for an objective tailored specifically to your company.

All leadership reaction courses are led by special operations veterans who will explain the challenges, guide participants through the exercises, and lead group reflections upon completion.

areas of focus for your team

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership skills
  • Planning
  • Creative thinking

“It was a great opportunity to work on communication and trust fellow team members. This is a fun team building opportunity!”

– R. Suraci, Renewal Colorado

Example agenda

Leadership Reaction Course

The program length is flexible, with a minimum five-hour commitment, depending on your team’s schedule.

GEL recommends that all programs include a brief activity, held the night before the full program, to encourage participants to adopt a transformational mindset and ensure they are excited and prepared for the day ahead.

09:00  Kick-Off and Introductions
09:30  Session 1: Complete leadership reaction course stations and debriefs
12:30  Lunch
13:00  Session 2: Complete leadership reaction course stations and debriefs
15:30  Program Debrief and Reflection

The KICK-OFF is an opportunity to review your team’s goals for the day, meet the seasoned military veterans who will be guiding you through the courses, and get to know your colleagues. The kick-off is customized to your predetermined objectives and company terminology.

Each session of a LEADERSHIP REACTION COURSE includes two or three challenges designed to address predetermined team objectives. Your team will be split up into smaller groups to cycle through all stations, learning to work together and build important interpersonal, leadership, and preparation skills. Participants will receive live feedback on their leadership skills and communication during each station, allowing them to improve their performance throughout the day.

The group DEBRIEF allows your team to reflect on the challenges they completed and the insights the experience provided into their working styles and performance back in the office. You will end the day with actionable takeaways for your company’s leaders and a path towards continued success.

Photos from Leadership Reaction Course Experiences

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