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Wilderness Search & Rescue

Encourage team collaboration and problem-solving while completing a simulated activity.

Participating in a Wilderness Search and Rescue experience encourages your team to work together in pursuit of a common goal. The exercise provides an opportunity to work with search and rescue trainers to complete a wilderness challenge that leverages and strengthens communication, creative thinking, and leadership skills.

The exercise can be customized to reflect your company's internal leadership framework, curriculum, vernacular, and more, allowing participants to experience a simulated search and rescue while also building competencies to help them succeed upon returning to the office.

Key Learnings and Example Wilderness Search & Rescue Agenda

Key focus areas for your team

  • Efficient communication
  • Enterprise thinking
  • Accountability
  • Problem-solving
  • Time-sensitive planning and execution

“All the rangers were great a delivering an experience along with guiding us through how each task related to our business. They gave great advice on how we did and how to improve our performance.”

– J. Holzmeister, Renewal Colorado

Example agenda

Wilderness Search & Rescue

GEL recommends that all programs include a brief activity, held the night before the full program, to encourage participants to adopt a transformational mindset and ensure they are excited and prepared for the day ahead.

09:00  Kick-Off and Introductions
09:30  Skill Station Sessions
12:30  Lunch
13:00  Wilderness Search and Rescue Simulation
15:30  Debrief and Reflection

The KICK-OFF sets the stage for the morning sessions and afternoon simulation, connects participants to the goals for the day, and provides an opportunity to meet the GEL team.

SKILL STATIONS provide an exhilarating way to start the day. Tailored to reflect your predefined objectives, the stations are designed to develop the competencies that will be required to complete the search and recuse mission in the afternoon.

The WILDERNESS SEARCH AND RESCUE SIMULATION consists of concurrent, decentralized activities that will be run multiple times to allow participants to adjust to new information and insights. Your team will complete exercises focused on recovering individuals and materials, medical assessment and treatment, site exploration, and rescue planning. The program will emphasize communication, planning, and execution and includes opportunities to review the team’s performance after each iteration of the exercise.

After the simulation, the GEL team will lead a DEBRIEF focused on the key takeaways from the day’s activities and how those insights can be applied to team dynamics and leadership styles.

Photos from Wilderness Search & Rescue Experiences

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