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Escape and Evasion Experience

Bring your team together with a high intensity, fully immersive experience.

Before beginning a mission, special operations teams routinely plan for all possible outcomes, both positive and negative. Part of this planning includes escape and evasion tactics – contingency plans prepared in case the mission does not go as expected.

This fully immersive experience allows your team to participate in a simulation where they will travel to set checkpoints, completing GEL-facilitated activities along the way. In contrast to other special operations programs, teams participating in the escape and evasion experience are not told in advance what to expect and must begin navigating the simulation as soon as they arrive on-site. This creates a unique and exciting environment that extends throughout the day.

The principles of escape and evasion tactics in the military are easily translatable to business practices. Both situations emphasize the importance of planning, communication, and teamwork in order to achieve predetermined objectives.

Key Learnings and Example Escape and Evasion Experience Agenda

Key learning opportunities for your team

  • Planning
  • Contingency planning
  • Responding to changing situations
  • Communication, working across teams

Example agenda

Escape & Evasion Exercise

GEL recommends that all programs include a brief activity, held the night before the full program, to encourage participants to adopt a transformational mindset and ensure they are excited and prepared for the day ahead.

09:00  Arrive and briefing
09:30  Escape and evasion exercise continues
12:30  Continued planning over lunch
13:00  Groups continue escape and evasion exercise
15:30  Debrief and reflection

Teams ARRIVE in the midst of a simulation and must navigate to a temporary shelter where they will receive a briefing and their two objectives – avoid being seen and escape from the property.

The ESCAPE AND EVASION EXERCISE continues as participants split into groups to begin planning and moving towards their escape. Your team will be faced with a series of challenges as they navigate a path to exfiltration, and everyone must work together to ensure the entire group can complete the exercise.

LUNCH provides teams with a chance to refuel, but their work will not stop. Think of this as a “military-style working lunch” where participants can have a meal with their team while continuing to plan their escape.

After lunch, your team will complete the last step in the ESCAPE AND EVASION EXERCISE. Ultimately, all groups will learn that their success is dependent on other groups’ success, showcasing the importance of both centralized and decentralized leadership.

At the end of the day, a DEBRIEF allows participants to reflect on their experience, discussing how the team performed individually and together. You will identify the qualities most important to strong leadership and consider ways to build these skills among your team.

Photos from Escape & Evasion Experiences

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