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Mountain Rescue Experience

Build strong relationships with your team by participating in an outdoor, experiential offsite.

GEL’s Mountain Rescue program is an exciting way to spend an afternoon, focusing on communication and collaboration skills while strengthening team bonds. This unique relationship-building experience goes beyond traditional half-day activities and emphasizes execution under pressure, effective communication, and trust among participants – skills that are equally important in developing high-performing teams at your company.

By experiencing mountain rescue techniques firsthand, your team will build relationships by working together in a completely new environment.

Hands-on experience and new business insights in one afternoon

The Mountain Rescue program uses a combination of hands-on experience and facilitated debriefs to help teams identify and address communication obstacles, increase trust, and uncover new opportunities for success.

The four-hour program and can be held in both the winter and summer months. Perfect for intact, high-performance teams, this program provides an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone for engaging and inspiring leadership development and teambuilding. The shorter format, lower-intensity style allows organizations with limited time to take advantage of an unparalleled immersive experience in just an afternoon.

Experienced GEL facilitators will lead customized reflection sessions throughout the program to encourage participants to examine insights the mountain rescue experience provides into their daily work and relationships.

Have fun learning from outdoor emergency responders and completing a simulated mountain rescue activity

Sample Schedule

Mountain Rescue Program

The Mountain Rescue program takes your team out of the typical office environment and engages them in the world of outdoor emergency response. Participants learn the basic skills used to respond to rescue situations and immediately put them to use in a simulation activity.

13:00  Kick-off and introductions
13:30  Skill development
15:00  Simulation
16:00  Debrief

The KICK-OFF sets the stage for the afternoon activities with introductions and a brief overview of the rescue skills participants will learn. The GEL team will discuss your company’s objectives and pose questions for your team to consider throughout the experience.

The SKILL DEVELOPMENT session prepares your team to complete the simulation by teaching them techniques that mountain rescue teams use in high-pressure situations. In the winter months, participants will snowshoe to the designated sites; in warmer weather they will hike to each site.

Following the training session, your team will complete a MOUNTAIN RESCUE SIMULATION where they will put their new skills to use. Participants will have to work together to locate virtual victims and provide medical treatment, focusing on communication, leadership, and execution.

The program concludes with a DEBRIEF asking participants to reflect on their experience and what they learned about their working styles. Focusing on predetermined company priorities, GEL facilitators will lead conversations to encourage deep insights that can help boost your team’s performance and increase your company’s success.

Photos from Mountain Rescue Experiences

Invest in your team’s growth and development.

Strengthen communication skills and promote trust through an intense and memorable experience with GEL’s Mountain Rescue program.

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