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“Come on, gang, they’re counting on us!”

Boatworks is an ideal team building and leadership development sailing program. BoatWorks leverages a non-racing, multi-boat format to get your group gelling as they battle the wind, the currents, their collective anxieties and a special group challenge, all under the watchful eyes of a professional coaching staff. more »

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“Ready, Set, Race!”

RaceWorks adds a competitive edge to the team building benefits of yachting. Your team will divide up into groups of 3-6 per boat; learn the basics and then square off for a series of races. more »

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Charting Change Custom Program

70% of our team building and leadership development experiences are heavily customized to meet client objectives. GEL Experiences can be plugged into merger integrations, multi-session leadership development programs or C-Level Retreats.

Customizations include:

  • Pre-experience Consulting
  • Team Skills Inventories
  • Guest Speakers
  • MBTI/DISC exercises
  • Special Venues

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"I didn't realize how challenging, inspiring and just plain fun our time on the water would be. This ranks as the best leadership training exercise we've done by far."


"The parallels between what goes on on land — i.e., our working environment — and what went on on the water were uncanny."

Ernst & Young

"Merging two large, geographically dispersed organizations offered some unique challenges. Jay and GEL were tremendous."

Partner, Booz Allen Hamilton

"Jay and his team put together one of the most effective and enjoyable days of team-building activity that it has ever been my pleasure to participate in (and I've been in far too many)."

IFC/World Bank

"Most of our leadership program participants have never sailed before. Trepidation? Sometimes. Positive feedback? Always."

The Symphony Group