GEL Experiences


“Come on, gang, they’re counting on us!”

Boatworks is an ideal team building and leadership development sailing program. BoatWorks leverages a non-racing, multi-boat format to get your group gelling as they battle the wind, the currents, their collective anxieties and a special group challenge, all under the watchful eyes of a professional coaching staff. more »

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“Ready, Set, Race!”

RaceWorks adds a competitive edge to the team building benefits of yachting. Your team will divide up into groups of 3-6 per boat; learn the basics and then square off for a series of races. more »

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Charting Change Custom Program

70% of our team building and leadership development experiences are heavily customized to meet client objectives. GEL Experiences can be plugged into merger integrations, multi-session leadership development programs or C-Level Retreats.

Customizations include:

  • Pre-experience Consulting
  • Team Skills Inventories
  • Guest Speakers
  • MBTI/DISC exercises
  • Special Venues

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