“I didn’t realize how challenging, inspiring and just plain fun our time on the water would be. This ranks as the best leadership training exercise we’ve done by far.”


“Merging two large, geographically dispersed organizations offered some unique challenges. While we came to the off-site with a common set of values, things we needed were a shared culture and new pathways for collaboration. BoatWorks provided our diverse group with a common experience and the foundation on which to build a stronger organization. Jay and GEL were tremendous.”

Partner, Booz Allen Hamilton

“The parallels between what goes on on land – i.e., our working environment—and what went on on the water were uncanny. The day on the water has enabled us to see our individual and collective behaviors more clearly, and it’s opened the course for some honest exchanges on how we can do things differently. We’re all very grateful for the experience.”

Ernst & Young

“This was the best organized, most useful, and certainly most entertaining, team building exercise we've ever done. ;It helped that the weather forced us to react to fairly extreme circumstances, but that's where you see real "team spirit!”


“I would highly recommend BoatWorks. The coordination and communication required to get the teams to sail quickly, close together and in the right order was true teamwork in action. Overall, it was a truly memorable experience and gave me a great appreciation for sailing and teamwork.”

Rite Aid

“You and your team did a terrific job of introducing us to the joy of sailing. Considering that the top management team of IFC had never done anything remotely close to what we did on Friday, I am happy that we broke new ground in team building. Thanks very much for a great day.”


“These sailing experiences are well-managed, facilitated and are both high impact and just plain fun!”

Northrop Grumman

“Jay and his team put together one of the most effective and enjoyable days of team-building activity that it has ever been my pleasure to participate in (and I've been in far too many). His personal enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism combine with his real competence to produce a very fine end result.”


“The exercise is an extremely valuable tool to get a team thinking and talking about how to improve. Our coach kept hinting at the analogies for us to get us thinking even on the boats. The "ah-ha's" after each round were my most memorable experiences... thanks again!"

Ernst & Young

“The event was very well organized with what I felt was an appropriate amount of time to review team-building skills and lessons learned. This was a very creative, enjoyable team-building experience. Much better than lectures in a conference room! ; I would definitely recommend BoatWorks to others. The event demonstrates the need for communication to effectively orchestrate your objectives and working together as a team”

Rite Aid.

“Can we please arrange another team building experience next week and take more of our staff?” GEL provided a truly unique and relevant experience that provided us enthusiasm and momentum."