RaceWorks is all about working together to beat the competition. No prior sailing experience is required, and teams of complete novices routinely vanquish teams with experts on board.

It’s simple. A sailboat can’t move quickly or in the driver’s intended direction unless all hands are engaged and collaborating well.

An expert with a mutinous crew finds last place in short order.

Your team will divide into groups of 3-6 people per boat, depending on the venue. Via an initial training session, participants learn to drive, trim sails and communicate in order to get their boat moving fast and in the right direction. Participants rotate through all positions; cross training and determining the crew configuration most likely to result in victory.

All the action takes place under the watchful eyes of the professional coaches aboard each boat. Coaches model the communication and leadership skills required to forge a fast team, but never lose their focus on safety.

Following the training period, the teams square off for a series of short course races.

The multi-race format provides great opportunities for everyone to feel the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. Back onshore, teams can casually celebrate, or debrief and discuss how leadership, communication and group decision making impacted results on the water. RaceWorks can be structured as a full or half day event, with the longer duration delivering commensurately more fun, excitement and team building benefits.

Standard RaceWorks

  • High performance racing yachts
  • 3-6 participants per yacht
  • US Sailing certified coach
  • Sailing Instruction
  • Race Management
  • Continental breakfast, gourmet box lunch
  • Soft drinks and bottled water
  • Prices range from $250-$400 per person depending on venue and boats selected.

Event options

  • Pre/post Facilitation
  • Professional Photography
  • Spectator Boat
  • Videography
  • Commemorative Apparel
  • Trophies
  • Branding (logos on sails, signage at venue, in meeting rooms, etc)

RaceWorks or BoatWorks? Which is right for my group?

Racing is exciting, intense, and extremely fun. However, the format divides your team up for a competitive contest. If your goal is more about forging unity or addressing issues across the entire group, BoatWorks may be more appropriate.

RaceWorks is perfect for:

  • Summer Associate Programs
  • Sales force recognition events
  • VIP Client Bonding
  • Industry Association Meetings
  • Conferences & Seminars

Contact us to plan your RaceWorks experience or discuss which format will best address your particular objectives.