Effective Communication Workshop

Presented by Dr. Adrian McIntyre

Communication is the fabric of all human interaction and the foundation of a high-performance workplace. A company will flounder or flourish to the degree that it can create a culture of authentic and effective communication.

What differentiates a great manager from a small-time tyrant? What is the secret to converting your customers into raving fans? It all comes down to simple, straightforward and largely unpracticed principles of communication—how you speak, listen, influence and engage. Dr. McIntyre’s powerful and captivating presentation will shake up your organization and teach your leaders:

  • How the human brain is hard-wired for survival—and why this can either inhibit or enhance your communication.

  • The Seven Conversation Killers and how to avoid them.

  • How to activate the Power of Listening—it’s not what you think!

  • How to remove the hidden filters that distort your ability to hear what others are actually saying, so that they feel understood and appreciated.

  • How to elevate the performance of any team by asking three simple questions.

  • The two most powerful conversations to practice daily with co-workers and customers: Conversations for Connection and Conversations for Action.

A company is more than just people, processes and products. It is also a network of conversations. Unleashing your group’s ability to connect easily and communicate effectively with other employees and with customers is the key to breakthrough levels of performance and satisfaction.