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Dry Land Programs

Choose from a number of different dry land activities to enhance your leadership skills and build a team that will take your firm to the next level. The Dry Land experiential learning program, developed by Retired Army Colonel Thomas Magness, is designed to teach your group battle-tested leadership strategies based on four important principles: Planning, Preparing, Executing, and Learning.

During this program, a specially trained coaching staff and professional facilitator will guide your team through a dry land activity that encourages the development of leadership and effective group dynamics that are vital to success back in the office.

Every event can be either a half or full-day and will include debriefs or After Action Reviews to highlight key leadership fundamentals driven by the needs of the client. Each event will be followed by indoor or outdoor collective learning in a seminar setting which further emphasizes those fundamentals and leverages lessons learned from the experiential settings.

Consider some of these forums to heighten your leader development:

  • Orienteering
  • Paint Ball
  • High Ropes/Low Ropes Courses
  • Rock Climbing, Hiking, Rappelling, Parachuting

Click here to learn more about each of these dry land options.

Event options include:

  • Pre & Post Consulting Services
  • Professional Photography
  • Videography
  • Commemorative Apparel
  • Branding (signage at venue, in meeting rooms, etc)

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"I didn't realize how challenging, inspiring and just plain fun our time on the water would be. This ranks as the best leadership training exercise we've done by far."


"The parallels between what goes on on land — i.e., our working environment — and what went on on the water were uncanny."

Ernst & Young

"Merging two large, geographically dispersed organizations offered some unique challenges. Jay and GEL were tremendous."

Partner, Booz Allen Hamilton

"Jay and his team put together one of the most effective and enjoyable days of team-building activity that it has ever been my pleasure to participate in (and I've been in far too many)."

IFC/World Bank

"Most of our leadership program participants have never sailed before. Trepidation? Sometimes. Positive feedback? Always."

The Symphony Group

Typical Schedule

Kick-off Briefing

Activity & Safety Basics

Experiential Program of Choice

Lunch and After Action Review

Collective Learning