San Francisco

GEL’s founder has lived and sailed in Boston, New York, Chicago, Annapolis, MD, Newport, RI and Auckland, New Zealand. While each port city has its own unique charm, San Francisco holds sway, and we've made our headquarters here since 1995.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s consistent winds and unparalleled scenery make it one of the world’s premier urban sailing venues. Your staff will see the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and craggy rocks of Alcatraz from a new perspective while they broaden their own perspectives on leadership, teamwork and camaraderie.

GEL partners with the finest sailing schools in the Bay Area to offer team building and leadership development programs in multiple locations. The breadth of venues allows us to help tailor an event to your specific needs.

Alameda offers warmer temperatures and lighter breeze.

Berkeley offers a fantastic meeting facility and accommodates our largest groups.

San Francisco’s city front offers a dramatic backdrop and premier meeting facilities.

Sausalito and Tiburon provide warmer temperatures and easy access for groups coming from the north.