Maryland and Washington DC

Our primary venue in the greater DC area is Annapolis, MD. It’s also where GEL was originally founded.

Annapolis is known as “America’s Sailing Capital” and is home to the U.S. Naval Academy, wooden schooners, premier racing yachts, and every boat in-between. Thousands of sailors from around the world visit Annapolis every year for internationally famous sailing events. Meeting planners love the Chesapeake Bay area for its scenic locations, great hotel facilities and of course, Maryland Crab!

Groups ranging in size from 6 to 70 can be accommodated by any of our team building sailing programs. Or an event can be customized to your specific requirements. Take a look at a sample BoatWorks Program.

In Annapolis, BoatWorks and RaceWorks are normally conducted on J80 racing yachts. Groups of up to 56 people can be scheduled Monday through Thursday. Smaller groups may be able to schedule events Friday through Saturday, but sailboats are often booked on these highly desirable days.

For those on a tight budget, we work with a partner organization which operates two classic wooden schooners. The schooners can be used for simple bonding cruises, or for low-intensity low-participation match racing. The schooners accommodate 35 people each, for a maximum of 70 participants. While the sailing may not be as intense, the smiles are just as wide.

Team building sailing experiences are also available in Baltimore and on the rivers surrounding our nation’s capital.