Dry Land Event Option Details


Learn to navigate through difficult issues by acquiring the skills associated with orienteering, navigating through the woods using a map, compass, and terrain association. This fun and challenging outdoor event emphasizes planning, teamwork, confidence, innovation, trust, skills of cooperation, followership, and the ability to motivate subordinates during difficult times.

Paint Ball:

Using a variety of scenarios and rotating leadership roles, this event focuses on teamwork, planning, communication, innovation, and consequence management.

High Ropes/Low Ropes Coures:

Whichever your preference, these courses teach confidence, competence, and the importance of trust and teamwork.

Rock Climbing, Hiking, Rappelling, Parachuting:

These events can be tailored to meet the physical and mental strengths of your team. They teach confidence, endurance, patience, and motivation. These activities establish what we call "crucible" experiences in which teams may accomplish more than they thought they could and in turn learn how to rally the troops to overcome difficult situations down the road.