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June 8th, 2013

Chicago Match Race Center

West Belmont Harbor Drive, Chicago, IL 60657



- BoatWorks Primer


  • Sunglasses
  • Windbreaker
  • Fleece
  • Quick-dry clothing
  • Athletic pants and drywick shirts are perfect.
  • No Jeans!
  • Athletic shoes which can get wet. (crocs are great!)
  • Extra shoes are nice for after sailing


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Bottled water will be available aboard the boats. 


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A Taste of BoatWorks

A fun afternoon sailing experience for local Harvard Alumni.

GEL's founder and our host for the day, Jay Palace, HBS '94A, has been delivering sailing and other high impact leadership and team building programs since 2003 all across the US.

Jay's company is ramping up operations in Chicago via a partnership with the Chicago Match Racing Center, an internationally renowned facility where Olympians and America's Cup sailors regularly train and compete.

GEL has generously extended a complimentary opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing and the fun of team work to a select group from the Harvard Club of Chicago.

NO SAILING EXPERIENCE is required, and we'll be in the safe hands of the great coaches from the Chicago Match Racing Center. The focus of the day will be fun on the water and bonding with other club members.

The Harvard Club Sailing program is limited to 24 particpants, and is offered to club members.


12:00-1:00PM Lunch & Challenge Briefing (ashore)
1:15-4:15PM BoatWorks Training & Group Challenge (on the water)
4:15-5:00PM De-brief and Refreshments
5:00PM Departure

What to Expect

During an initial training session, we will learn to drive, trim sails and communicate in order to get their boat moving fast and in the right direction. We will rotate through the positions; cross training and determining the crew configuration most likely to result in high fleet performance during the challenge.

After this practice, it's game on! All six boats will collaborate to sail like the Blue Angels as fast as possible through the challenge course. We'll complete the day with a fun race back to the dock to see which 4 person crew has learned the most about team work and boat speed during the afternoon.

Photo Gallery

We will have a photographer shooting actionm shots during the program and taking team pictures at the end of the day. Be sure to visit and like GEL's Facebook page and you'll know as soon as the pics are posted.

GEL Facebook Page

Sorry, Sold Out!

Even if you've signed up already via the Club's website, we have to ask you to get on the guest list here.

We'll also use your answers to help us form balanced teams.

What is your sailing experience? *

"I didn't realize how challenging, inspiring and just plain fun our time on the water would be. This ranks as the best leadership training exercise we've done by far."


"The parallels between what goes on on land — i.e., our working environment — and what went on on the water were uncanny."

Ernst & Young

"Merging two large, geographically dispersed organizations offered some unique challenges. Jay and GEL were tremendous."

Partner, Booz Allen Hamilton

"Jay and his team put together one of the most effective and enjoyable days of team-building activity that it has ever been my pleasure to participate in (and I've been in far too many)."

IFC/World Bank

"Most of our leadership program participants have never sailed before. Trepidation? Sometimes. Positive feedback? Always."

The Symphony Group

Sailing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge