Example BoatWorks Experiential Program Page


  • Hone our leadership & communication skills
  • Deepen our bonds, have fun
  • Develop awareness of natural individual styles and ingrained team norms
  • Engage in candid conversations identifying the impacts of existing and possible dynamics:
  • Strengths and norms which work well
  • Areas where additional focus can improve results
  • Next steps to enhance the positives and address deficiencies.

What to Expect

Get ready for an exhilarating day at sea, but don't stress...absolutely NO SAILING EXPERIENCE is required. We will be learning together and then attacking a group challenge which will highlight our strengths and weaknesses in areas of group decision making, leadership styles and collaboration. Be prepared to be surprised by what we learn about ourselves and each other.


The standard BoatWorks program lasts one day, and is often incorporated into an organization's multi-day off-site planning or strategy session.

To operate with integrity as a team, we request that you be ready to start each segment at the times listed below.

9:00-9:30AM Kick-off
9:30-10:00AM Sailing & Safety Orientation
10:00-12:00PM Sailing Practice
12:00-1:00PM Lunch & Challenge Briefing (ashore)
1:00-4:00PM BoatWorks Group Challenge
4:00-5:00PM De-brief and Refreshments
5:00 Departure

Advance Participant Questionaire

To customize and tailor our program, please take ten minutes to share your thoughts. The anonymous survey will capture our team's priorities and perspectives on current norms and dynamics.
[Example advance questionaire]

Boats and Facilities

You'll sail a J-80 racing yacht. This one-design sailboat is versatile and highly maneuverable, but like any sailboat, requires teamwork to make it go.

BoatWorks Strategist hard at work

BoatWorks Strategist hard at work.


Please let us know what you thoughts and how our team might improve our own performance. [placeholder for post action feedback survey]