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Teamwork at very high speed! Red Bull Youth America's Cup Sept 1-4

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Earlier this week, the ten teams representing eight countries in the upcoming Red Bull Youth America's Cup took possession of their AC45 catamarans. The sleek, one-design vessels level the playing field and place more emphasis on boat handling and tactics since all crews are sailing identical yachts. By his own admission, Oracle Racing CEO Russell Coutts said that the AC45 was designed to be tough to sail. Pair that with the fact that teams of six are tasked with doing what could easily take seven, and the margin for error is reduced to zero.

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Harvard Club Team Building BoatWorks

sailing, team work, team building

Saturday's BoatWorks program for 20 members of the Harvard Club of Chicago was fantastic!  

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LivingSocial Adventures: Rocking The BoatWorks Challenge

sailing, team work

Recently I have been working on a series of sailing team building events in partnership with LivingSocial Adventures. These events utilize GEL’s BoatWorks format which has been customized into a half-day experience for members of the Living Social community, people with a passion for doing fun things with fun people.  

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BoatWorks Team Building Thank You and Video

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