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The Start of a Research Internship at Group Experiential Learning

Posted by C.W. Estoff on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 07:38 PM

Where are the best sources on the web for information on leadership development and experiential learning?  What is the current state of the market for these services?  I will be looking for answers to these questions as I start my MBA research internship with GEL this semester.   As my research progresses, I will be sharing the information I find through this blog with the goal of starting a go-to reference page for leadership and teambuilding focused experiential learning information.  I hope to connect with both the providers of these services, and the companies and organizations that engage these services.  And along the way, I’ll be posting my findings as a thank you to the people who are helping me with my research.  

Quick background on me- I am currently finishing the last semester of my MBA at tcw boat resized 600he University at Buffalo.  Prior to that, I received first-hand exposure to the many dynamics of leadership through five years as a congressional aid on Capitol Hill, and from three years as chief of staff to a community college president.  I look forward to sharing those experiences, and learning more about leadership education through this blog.

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